(Fra Viannas side. Jeg har ikke planer og å holde noen slike kurs i 2012 eller 2013)

Vianna's Rainbow Children Teacher's Course is a unique opportunity to be taught by Vianna Stibal, the founder of ThetaHealing. This is Vianna’s most psychic class. If you want to increase your psychic abilities, this is the class for you. You will be licensed to teach 15 separate classes that will refine your students’ abilities as well as your own. Vianna will share her wisdom and insight so we can help Rainbow Children grow with the love of the Creator. You will be licensed as a teacher of Indigo and Rainbow students so they are empowered to develop and enhance their intuitive skills and abilities.

Vianna witnessed her own spontaneous, instant healing from cancer in her leg. After her leg was healed, she spent many years perfecting this simple yet effective technique that has changed the lives of thousands. Her love is felt throughout her ThetaHealing classes. This class fulfills Vianna's vision of teaching the Rainbow Children.

Rainbow Children are sensitive and incredibly intuitive children, teens, and young adults. A Rainbow Child is a child born with infinite wisdom and the ability to change the world around them. Since the time of the ancients, the world has waited for the extremely loving and adaptable Rainbow Children to come in with their boundless love and patience. Indigo Children ushered in a new age and can be influenced by negativity around them, but can now shift to Rainbow Children.

As a teacher, you will know how to take your students on an adventure as they master how to connect to the Creator: then learn a wide range of ThetaHealing techniques such as how to do the belief work and how to create positive feelings; empathic readings; healings of the body and the soul; guided meditations; future and guardian readings.

Through the Seven Planes of Existence students will learn wonderful ways to communicate with angels and plants, how to heal with crystals, how to connect to power animals, drumming and totems, plus develop their telekinesis, and know how to change auras and heal animals.

You will know how to teach sixteen lessons to groups of 7-11 year old children, 12-15 year old teens, 16-22 year old young adults and ThetaHealing practitioners.

This teaching experience will provide you with invaluable insights and knowledge to work with younger clients in your ThetaHealing practice. This course will resonate with:

* Certified ThetaHealing Teachers
* Practitioners of ThetaHealing who wish to become teachers
* Parents, grandparents, educators, childcare workers, caregivers of Rainbow Children, Teens, or Young Adults 

Spend Five Days with Vianna in the ThetaHealing Rainbow Children’s Teachers Course with the following criterion.

Theta Waves
Who is a Rainbow Child?
Empathic Skills
Empathic Reading of an Object Exercise
Guided Meditation
The Seven Planes of Existence
How to Go to the Seventh Plane
How to Do a Body Scan
Introductions to Healing
Genesis by Observership
Instructions for Group Healing
Belief Work and Feeling Work
Downloading Feeling Work Exercise
Introduction to Guardian Angels
Guardian Angel Exercise
Wayward Spirits
Practice Clairvoyance, See and Change Auras
Reading Cards Exercise
Healing Crystals
Crystal Exercise
Crystal Scrying
Crystal Scrying Exercise
Plants, How to Read a Plant
Care of Herbs and Essential Oils
Communicating and Healing Animals and People
Talk to the Higher Self
Talk to the Higher Self Exercise
Drumming, Totems and Power Animals
Power Animal Exercise
Crystal Layouts
Crystal Layout Exercise
The Laws
Meeting a Law Exercise
Remembering your Future
Remembering your Future Exercise
Telekinesis Exercise
Send Love to the Baby in the Womb Exercise
Healing the Broken Soul Exercise
The Broken Heart Exercise
The Seventh Plane of Existence Meditation

Prerequisites:  Basic DNA and Advanced DNA.  Teacher's Certification is not required, but recommended.